Northern Australia

Northern Australia has some of the last great wilderness areas of our planet. From Cape York Peninsula, through the ancient landscapes of Arnhem land to the spectacular gorges of the Kimberley coastline, there's nowhere else like it on earth.

Cape York Peninsula is an incredible and unique interconnected mosaic of savannah, wetlands, coastline, rainforests, dune fields and coral reefs. Cape York’s traditional Indigenous cultures and languages reflect the incredible diversity of this environment – revealing a rich expression of human interactions with nature all the way back to ancient times.

By comparison with other natural World Heritage Areas, Cape York contains larger rainforests than the Daintree, more old growth than Tasmania, more river biodiversity than the Franklin, larger reef systems than Ningaloo, bigger wetlands than Kakadu and larger dune systems than Fraser Island.

Arnhem Land is one of the most incredible environments on earth. It is a landscape of rugged ranges fringed by idyllic billabongs, flood plains, paper bark swamps and monsoonal rainforests, an amazingly beautiful wilderness. Valleys, overhangs and caves have been occupied for over 50,000 years and offer magnificent galleries of rock art as well as occupation and burial sites.

The Kimberley region of northern WA is one of the world’s great natural and Indigenous cultural regions. Its vast savannah landscapes, wild rivers, extensive wetlands, spectacular coast and rich marine environments provide a multitude of habitats that are home to an extraordinary diversity of species. Incredibly, it is the only part of Western Australia, and one of very few in Australia, that appears to have retained its complete native fauna species diversity without extinction since European settlement.